Robert is an expert in accounting and entrepreneurship—two skills that have served him well in his life. With a master’s degree in accounting, Robert has filled various roles and started multiple companies throughout his career. Driven by a desire to support his family and take control of his work life, he started Retail Consulting Team and has worked hard to make it successful. After fighting the deduction battle for 5 years at a Walmart supplier, Rob “cracked the code” and has become an expert at recognizing deductions that can be recovered and effectively recovering them for suppliers. Together with his trusted team, he has made the Walmart deduction recovery process simple, easy, and effective and has recovered tens of millions of dollars for Walmart suppliers to date. His life’s mission is to help others in every way that he can, and he is waiting to help your company receive the money it is owed by Walmart.



Andrea and Rob have been married for nearly 25 years. The couple has always worked well together and has started multiple successful companies, both independently and together. Accordingly, when the opportunity arose to start Retail Consulting Team, Andrea devoted her time and talents to help make it successful. Motivated by a desire to provide for her family and help businesses earn more money, Andrea is always taking on new responsibilities. As the Vice President, she helps with day-to-day operations; interacts with old, new, and potential customers on behalf of the company; manages internal logistics; helps to develop the business strategy and more—and that’s on a slow day.



Nathan’s accounting career began when he was hired by Rob as a General Accountant for BetterBody Foods. After demonstrating a strong work ethic and impressive accounting talent, Nathan was quickly promoted to Controller. As the Controller, Nathan was on a quest to recover deductions from Walmart and many other suppliers. He became proficient at analyzing and recovering deductions of all kinds. When Rob started Retail Consulting Team, he reached out to Nathan specifically to hire him. Holding an MBA with an emphasis in accounting, Nathan handles most deduction recoveries and is the one our clients thank when they receive thousands of dollars back from Walmart. His dedication, reliability and excellent communication skills help make the deduction recovery process fast, effective and easy for all of our clients.



Drew has years of experience working with Walmart and is an expert in Walmart deductions. He specifically worked as a deductions analyst at Genpact (Walmart’s outsourced deductions management firm), so he understands when and why deductions happen, as well as how to recover them effectively and efficiently. An excellent communicator, Drew has an impressive ability to understand our clients’ needs and answer their questions clearly and concisely. As a Recovery Specialist, he guides our clients through the entire deduction recovery process from start to finish, making sure they are comfortable and confident every step of the way. His persistence, desire to help others and passion for networking make him a successful Account Manager and a useful resource for all of our clients.



Sam has over 35 years of sales and management experience. With a natural talent for listening and connecting with people on a personal level, she has found her career to be both successful and rewarding. Over the years, she has consistently been recognized as the top sales representative for the organizations she has helped to grow. Motivated by a desire to help others, she only works for reputable companies and only sells products that she believes in. She is always looking for the win/win, her main goal being to ensure both parties are satisfied with every transaction and interaction. As Senior Account Manager, she does well to listen to, understand, and care for our clients.



Esteban is a gifted programmer and consultant. After graduating college with a degree in Computer Science in 2007, he confidently entered the professional technical world. His speed, reliability and desire to help end-users have helped him excel in the various roles he has filled. As our Programming Consultant, Esteban deals mostly with the back-end of Retail Consulting Team. He is responsible for automating parts of the deduction recovery process, which has empowered us to provide our clients with faster, more effective and convenient recoveries. His contributions have played an invaluable role in helping the company grow, and he plans to keep helping in any way that he can.



Anika was taught accounting principles from a young age. She grew up working for her father, mastering accounting through guided hands-on experience. Recognizing that accounting came naturally to her and that she found it to be a fulfilling profession, she decided to pursue it as a career. In 2017, she accepted a position as Bookkeeper for Retail Consulting Team and has worked in various accounting roles for various companies since that time. Throughout her career, she has served as Head of HR, Head of Accounting, Bookkeeper, and currently fills the roles of Small Business Accountant and Office Manager.